Thanksgiving Devotional | Being Thankful in 2020

In the 75th anniversary editon of "The Joy of Cooking," the authors share an antecdote about Benjamin Franklin, one of America's founding fathers. In a letter to his daughter, Franklin wrote that he wished the bald eagle had not been chosen as the national bird, contending that the turkey was truly a original native of … Continue reading Thanksgiving Devotional | Being Thankful in 2020

Friday Devotional | Addressing Veteran Homelessness

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been ministering to the homeless people throughout the Dallas area, primarily through leading Staff devotions and by sharing a message of hope through our monthly outreach at a local shelter. The Lord has blessed me through a number of great relationships developed over the years ministering to the men staying … Continue reading Friday Devotional | Addressing Veteran Homelessness

Wednesday Devotional | Veterans Day 2020

Today is the day we commemorate Veterans Day in America. Originally observed as Armistace Day beginning November 11, 1919, Veterans Day celebrates the service of all United States military veterans. In America, we love our men and women who served in order to preserve the freedoms of this great nation. Veterans Day is an excellent … Continue reading Wednesday Devotional | Veterans Day 2020