Sunday Prayer | Seeing God at Work

As we gather today and you reflect back on the past week, how did you see God at work in your life? Sometimes it may be hard to see God amidst the busyness and the traffic overwhelming our lives. But He's there. Trust me. Better yet, trust HIM. "God is at work all around us." … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | Seeing God at Work

Psalm Saturday | Deliver Us From Evil

The book of Psalms is often referred to as the ancient Israelite’s hymn book. The songs of Psalms cover an array of emotions and experiences ranging from mourning to praise, from suffering to worship, from sadness to joy, and from doubt to assurance. As the pilgrims trekked up to Jerusalem, they reflected on the immeasurable … Continue reading Psalm Saturday | Deliver Us From Evil

Sunday Prayer | 3.31.2019

Lord, as I grow in my trust of You, help me to be all that You intended to be. Help me embrace opportunities to be the salt and the light throughout the week ahead, at home and in the workplace. Help me remember that You did not position me in places without a reason. Strengthen … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | 3.31.2019