My Monday Morning Cup | What is Good, Acceptable, and Perfect

Today is May 3, 2021. One-third of the year is done. How is your year going? Since dedicating my life to Christ in 2007, the Lord continues to grow my heart for the poor, marginalized, and disenfranchised. My spiritual writing is also a means of expression that the Lord keeps blessing and nurturing. I am … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | What is Good, Acceptable, and Perfect

Sunday Prayer

A key figure in early church history, Augustine of Hippo, more commonly known as Saint Augustine, served as the bishop of Hippor Regius in Numidia, Roman North Africa back in the late 4th century and early 5th century. A theologian and philospher, Augustine's writings heavily influenced the development of Western philosophy and Western Christianity. His … Continue reading Sunday Prayer

Sunday Prayer | 3.31.2019

Lord, as I grow in my trust of You, help me to be all that You intended to be. Help me embrace opportunities to be the salt and the light throughout the week ahead, at home and in the workplace. Help me remember that You did not position me in places without a reason. Strengthen … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | 3.31.2019