Daily Scripture | 12.14.2018

Psalm 119 105

How has your week been? Me—I’ve been praying through some things, seeking God’s direction and wisdom. Where do you go to find those things? I have learned to lean on the Word because it informs and instructs me when I’m not sure what to do or which direction to go. Sometimes, I get confused, living this Christian life in 21st Century America. Doesn’t it seem like our cultural Christian mantras go against the grain of what Scripture teaches us? For instance, we’ve all heard it said that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Yet, that’s really not reflected in Scripture, is it? No, the people in Scripture often face things beyond their ability to handle. In those instances, we see them turn to God. Psalms is a great example of that. David, the major contributor to the book of Psalms, cries out repeatedly to God for help in numerous Psalms. We need God. I need Him every day. If you’re like me–and chances are you might be–than you need Him every day too. During those times, one of the places we can turn to for reliable guidance is the Word that He left to dwell among us in the form of the Bible.


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