Psalm Saturday| Living in Unity

Happy Saturday! I pray you've had a great week. For me, the last few weeks have been colored with several sightings of God at work through my interactions with other people. As Sweet T and I continue preparing for OCC's National Collection Week, we've met a couple of new ministry partners and are excited about … Continue reading Psalm Saturday| Living in Unity

Psalm Saturday | Humbly Believe in God

What comes to your mind when you think about God? Our thoughts, motives, and actions reveal who we really are and speak volumes about our attitudes, beliefs, and values. A short, but powerful stanza amid the Song of Ascents, Psalm 131, David speaks about his humble dependence on the Lord as he exhorts Israel to … Continue reading Psalm Saturday | Humbly Believe in God

Psalm Saturday (Belated) | The Songs of Ascent (cont.)

Welcome to The Devotional Guy™! I’m glad you’re here. A few weeks ago, we left off our Psalm Saturday series at Psalm 126. Today, albeit a day late, we’re picking up our exploration of the “Songs of Ascent” that comprise a substantial chunk of the “Great Hallel.” These psalms were sung in worship as the … Continue reading Psalm Saturday (Belated) | The Songs of Ascent (cont.)