Modeling Faith

It’s important that we model our faith for others, both naturally and intentionally, just as someone in our life has modeled faith for us. When you think about those people in your life who modeled their faith for you, who do you think of? I recall my Grandmother, Hedwig, who I knew to be a very Godly and devout Christian. She was a powerful prayerful person who believed in the truth written in God’s Word.
Is there someone in your life who you are intentionally modeling faith for? Discipling and mentoring takes commitment and a willingness to invest our time into someone else. It’s often not easy or convenient. But then, we don’t live a faith that’s always easy or convenient. Being a Christian, exemplifying Christ in our lives, takes a conscious, intentional, and decisive daily commitment on our part.
Demonstrate your faith to someone today. Afterall, you may be the only Bible they get to read.

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