Growing Spiritually in Our Social Media Age


Our lives are filled with tons of distractions and ways we can rationalize procrastinating —putting off what needs to be done today until tomorrow. We can read books, watch TV, play games, see a movie, and keep in touch in a gazillion different ways. Add our customary busyness to the mix and it’s a wonder we get anything done, let alone find the time to focus on greater things, like growing spiritually. It’s just easier to say, “Hey, whatever works for you is fine. You determine what’s right for you, and I’ll do the same for me.”

We all grow differently spiritually. We don’t necessarily start at the same points or even wind up at same destination. Growing spiritually requires deliberate, focused intent. It calls for daily practice and connecting with community. A friend recently stated that if he were left alone in a room with the Scriptures, he’d come out of the room a heretic. Community plays a vital role in our spiritual growth—as does time alone with the Lord and his Word. My friend points out the valid reality that left on our own, without the wise counsel of others, chances are pretty good that we would misinterpret the Bible. Perhaps, that’s why so many disillusioned fanatics seem to be cultivated from a herd of anti-social hermits.

Spiritual growth doesn’t occur overnight. The Bible tells us that Jesus, himself, grew in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man (see Luke 2:52). This took time. Maybe this growth came easy for the Lord. However, for us, it requires pain-staking effort.

What are you doing to grow spiritually? Are you part of a collective that feasts on God’s Word? Do you pray and meditate on the things of God? Do you contemplate how your beliefs align with how you are living?

To grow rightly, we must have a reliable source that has demonstrated over a long period that its truth does not wither. Do the signs and miracles foretold within stand the test of time? Has it continually proven true, again and again? If we rely on the wrong source to build our faith’s foundation then we will surely wind up on the wrong path. We may even find ourselves spiritually regressing, rather than spiritually progressing.

Be careful which road you choose, because narrow is the road that leads to salvation. (see Matthew 7:13-14)

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