Trust In the Lord During Times of Trouble

Typically, we associate loss and grief with death. But in life, change is always happening. We have to learn to hold things loosely, because all of this is temporary. Usually, whenever we encounter change, we experience gaining one thing while losing another. Life is full of transitions that we all react to differently. In life, we will experience the death of loved ones, the angst of economic turmoil, the bitterness of broken trust, and the challenges of sickness and disease. Our pain may be physical. It may be mental. It is often spiritual. Something is missing deep inside of us. The hurt we feel in the moment transcends the hope we once had.

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The Lord knows how you feel.

Perhaps you’re surprised by your own response when you experience loss. Maybe you, particularly as a Christian, wonder how you could be upset or sad. You might be numb, overwhelmed with guilt, feel run down, beat up, and down trodden. Our emotions come from God. He gave them to us. He uses them to heal us and to draw us nearer to Him. You see, in our time of greatest need, we turn to Him.

We’ve seen this proven to be true time and time again. Think back to the terrifying days of September 11, 2001. The churches were full that Sunday because we were in desperate need of the hope and healing only God can bring.

Jesus knows how you feel.

When his friend Lazarus died, Scripture tells us that Jesus wept with Mary and Martha. In the Gospel of Matthew, we see Jesus angry at the Pharisees attempt to lead people away from the Lord. Throughout the Bible, we see a Jesus who is compelled by his tender heart to heal people and forgive them of their sins.

Cling to the Cross

God wants us to bring our burdens to Him.

He wants us to trust Him to heal our wounds.

Whatever is weighing you down today, won’t you trust God with it and give it up to Him? He is the all-powerful, that always and forever was, is and will be. For God, nothing is impossible. Take whatever burden you have today to Him in prayer and lay it down at His feet. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Caleb Cobbins says:

    Good article, I often struggle in this area

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  2. As do I brother, as do I. Thanks for taking time to comment.


  3. Rachael_Adkins says:

    Reblogged this on rachaelsroadtorecovery.

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