Deflate Gate

First, let me say, I’m neither a Patriots fan nor a Patriots hater. Personally, I find the conversation about “deflategate” mind-boggling.

If the Patriots or one of their players cheated, the answer rests in a fairly simple lesson we all learned back in grade school—get caught cheating= you get the boot and forfeit any rewards you received from cheating.

This talk that Brady should get suspended for a couple of games or that the Patriots should cough up a couple of draft picks is ludicrous to me if in fact the NFL is sincere about “protecting the integrity of the shield”. (Really??)

The problem appears to be that the League lacks actual concrete proof that any cheating happened.

If they actually have concrete proof, not vague generalities and assumptions, then what are we talking about?

The fact that you think I cheated doesn’t mean I did.

I’m sure the fact that there are people within the Patriots organization that don’t like Brady isn’t news to Brady. That doesn’t make him a cheater. If you have proof that he cheated, the decision you’re left with is really quite clear. Otherwise, shut up and sit down.

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