Morning Prayer | Morning 1

In our over-busy culture, it is easy to dismiss morning prayer because we don’t think we have time to devote to praying. But prayers don’t have to be lengthy. They can be simple, like the traditional prayer highlighted here this morning. Truthfully, morning prayer is a great way to kick off the day. My friend Mark used to tell me he prayed before his feet ever hit the floor. This helped ensure he did it and prevented him from leaving home before he invested his first moments of the day with the Lord.


Morning prayer helps us focus our time and attention and seek God’s plan for the day that lies ahead. Seeking God’s presence first thing every morning provides us with the encouragement, strength, and peace we need to maneuver through our day. God meets us anytime we come before Him. All we need to bring to the conversation is a humble heart and the recognition of our dependence on Him to keep our lives manageable.

Peace be with you.


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