Evening Prayer | Evening 5

Beginning and ending the day in prayer is a good thing. Or at least it should be. The intent in my offering these morning and evening prayers is not to constrict you or burden you. To the contrary, I hope that it will free you and help you grow spiritually, especially in your own prayer life. Selfishly, I am doing this as much to help myself. That’s what this blog is about—spiritual growth. Since it’s inception, The Devotional Guy™ is meant to be a writing ministry shining a light of hope in what can oftentimes be a dark world.

As we’ve looked at different prayers this past week, what are some morning and evening prayers that come to your mind? Do you write your own? I’d be thrilled to hear about them. Maybe I could even post some of your favorites here on this blog? That would be cool. Drop me a line here.

Sunday Evening Prayer

As we can see from Peter’s example in Matthew 14:30, prayers don’t need to be lengthy. A lot can be said in a few words. They can be uttered in the moment.

I have found, in my own spiritual life, that the more rules I lay down for myself, the more sins I commit. The habit of regular morning and evening prayer is one which is indispensable to a believer’s life, but the prescribing of the length of prayer, and the constrained remembrance of so many persons and subjects, may gender unto bondage, and strangle prayer rather than assist it.

Charles Spurgeon, in Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching & Preachers, W. Wiersbe, p. 235

Peace be with you.

The Devotional Guy™

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