31 Days of Praise | Day 28 The Light in the Darkness

God is a source of light in the darkness. God is wise and powerful. He is the Lord Almighty. He is a good God who does great things. God gives wisdom to the wise. He is the source of all wisdom. God knows what we do not know—that which is unknowable to us—and the light of knowledge resides in Him. 

21 He changes times and seasons,

deposing some kings

and establishing others.

He gives wisdom to the wise;

he imparts knowledge to those with understanding;

22 he reveals deep and hidden things.

He knows what is in the darkness,

and light resides with him.

Daniel 2:21-22 (NET)

Since before time began, God sat on His throne in control of history. He is faithful in dealing with His people and can be counted on to deliver on the promises He makes.

We praise You, O Lord because You are wise and all knowing. You are the source of light that shines in the deepest darkness. You are faithful in keeping Your promises and steadfast in Your love for us. 

The Devotional Guy™

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