Sunday Prayer: First Advent

First Advent

The Advent season ushers in a two-fold reason for celebrating for Christians all around the globe. First, Christians today commemorate the birth of the Messiah in a tiny manger in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. We anticipate and prepare for a day of celebration of this life-changing event. Life before the Incarnation would not be the same after the Incarnation. Through the Incarnation, we have hope. Because of the Incarnation, we have a Savior.

The second portion of the Advent season looks forward with expectation and longing for the return of Christ, in all His power and glory, transforming the world as we know it. Advent offers us a time to ready our hearts, souls, and minds in anticipation of the Kingdom yet to come, through the Second Coming of the Son. 

Christmas is a special season that holds a lot of different meanings to a host of people. Different people and millions of families look forward to the joy of the season, celebrating their individual traditions. For us, as Christians, the reason for the season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the anticipation of His return. Jesus remains our focus today, just as it was for those shepherds keeping watch over their flocks at night back then. 

Happy First Advent!

Celebrate this season!

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