Sunday Prayer | 2.24.2019

Father God,

Praise Your name in all the Heavens and all the Earth! May the nations exalt Your name and Your people turn their hearts to You in prayer and praise. You, God, are good and we are filled with joy at the grace and mercy You have showered upon us. You are our God, in good times and bad, on the mountaintops and through the valleys marking the journey of our lives. May we celebrate today, singing songs in Sabbath delight, worshipping You, our Almighty Lord. Let Your words and revelation be our guide in the week that lies ahead. May we seek Your counsel and wisdom for guidance in all we experience at work and in our lives this new week. Your mercies remain new every morning and You are faithful to provide us with all that we need. We pray for those who don’t know You–may they are drawn nearer to You. We pray for the homeless–that they may be restored and their lives made whole. Thank You, Lord.

Amen and amen.



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