Sunday Prayer | Caregiver’s Prayer

During my chaplain trips to different places in the surrounding area, I see and meet some of the best people. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit workers caring for elderly residents and those who are unable to care for themselves. Seeing people in this difficult season of life can be heartbreaking. As Sweet T likes to say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” And she’s right. However, amid these challenging individuals, I also see the beauty of the people who look after their every need. It takes a special person to care for a stranger. These individuals show love and compassion to those in their charge, regardless of what the situation might be. So it’s with that thought that I offer a prayer for the caregiver’s looking after those the Lord has placed in their care.

Lord, thank You for those precious souls who willingly look after the infirm and the frail. Thank You for the compassion and love they show to people who in many cases are alone and without families. Apart from these caregiving souls, they would have no one to look after them. I am grateful for the dedication and devotion they have to their work, the work You, O God, have called them to do. Bless them as they answer the call to care for others that You, O Lord, have placed on their hearts. Amen.


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