Psalm Saturday | Humbly Believe in God

What comes to your mind when you think about God?

Our thoughts, motives, and actions reveal who we really are and speak volumes about our attitudes, beliefs, and values. A short, but powerful stanza amid the Song of Ascents, Psalm 131, David speaks about his humble dependence on the Lord as he exhorts Israel to put its trust and hope in God. The Lord is trustworthy because of the essence of who He is. Because of who we are, you and I need to place our confidence in God, for He alone can deliver us from our many temporal dangers, trials, and snares. We need the Lord to steer us on a path of righteousness. Mired in our pride, you and I might think we don’t need God. But nothing could be further from the truth. We need God.

David recognized that not only he needed to turn to the Lord, but the nation of Israel needed to repent and turn back to the Lord as well. As Israel did then, so does our nation today. We have gotten off course. We celebrate godlessness and the things that are not of God while simultaneously hushing and silencing the sacred. We’ve perverted what God intends for good. We’ve made a mockery of all things holy. We’ve lost our way as a nation and a people. Let us humble ourselves and turn back to the Lord.


May God have mercy on us and shower us with the grace we need rather than the wrath we deserve. May David’s celebratory psalm remind us that the God who created us is faithful and true. May we recognize our need for the Lord. Amen.


Psalm 131

A Davidic song of ascents.

1 Lord, my heart is not proud;
my eyes are not haughty.
I do not get involved with things
too great or too difficult for me.
2 Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself
like a little weaned child with its mother;
I am like a little child.

3 Israel, put your hope in the Lord, both now and forever.


Reflection Questions:

What do you believe about God?

How does your belief influence your thoughts, motives, and actions?

Have you trusted in Jesus as your Lord and Savior?


To experience life the way God intended, you and I must receive God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. This gift from God is available to all who ask. Will you personally receive the gift of eternal life so that you can experience the total forgiveness from your sins that come through believing in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

God is good all the time and all the time God is good! No matter what.

As always, thanks for reading.


The Devotional Guy™


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  1. Ranier, thanks for sharing the inspiration and light we receive from David’s Psalm. His honesty with himself shows us the way to accepting Jesus as our Savior. Just like you so many others, I am praying for our nation. (Richard)

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  2. Thank you for your continued encouragement and faithfulness, Richard. I’m always grateful to hear your thoughts and read your comments. God is SO good. You’re spot on-honesty in self-reflection leads us to knowing we’re in need of a Savior. Blessings my friend.

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