9 Things You CAN Do While You Are Self-Quarantined

Sheltering-in-place can get old really quickly. You may even be wondering why you are having to shelter-in-place. Perhaps it all seems like an overreaction to you. Even so, if you are considered a non-essential worker than I am glad you are voluntarily staying home, limiting your trips to grocery store and to the pharmacy, and socially distancing.

In a previous post, The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 2I listed things that we CAN do while we are sheltering-in-place and self-quarantining. I decided to share that list again for your convenience and to offer encouragement to you to take this time and focus on the things you CAN do instead of getting bogged down by those things you can’t do. Remember, this is a temporary situation. Like the Texas weather, our present circumstance is sure to change.

9 Things You CAN Do While You Are Self-Quarantined
  1. Enjoy going for a walk with your spouse, a loved one, or a friend. God gave us a beautiful day today. Make the most of it!
  2. Remember that project you never had time to get to? Well…? Now is the time. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll have when this is all over and you can look at that updated spare room, organized closet, or clean garage.
  3. Play some games. Go old school and break out those board games stashed away in your hall closet. Like our Mamas would always say: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
  4. Reconnect. Call those old friends you’ve been wanting to talk to but never seem to find the time to reach out to. It’ll be a blessing to you both. I’m sure of it.
  5. Read that book that’s been calling your name or watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see but were too busy to enjoy
  6. Memorize some Scripture. What a novel idea!?! Look, the truth is, you need God’s word more than ever today. Why not commit some of it to heart?
  7. Pray for those on the front lines fighting this deadly disease. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your church family. Pray for your loved ones. Spend time with God.
  8. Serve others. Ask your elderly neighbors if you can get them anything at the store while you’re there. It will keep them out of harm’s way. They’ll be happy that you did. And so will you.
  9. Look up. Take a break from the news, weather forecasts, and all the other noise. Remember that God’s got you. He is with us. We are not in this fight alone.

Please know that during these unsettling times, Terri and I are praying for you and your loved ones.

Be well.

The Devotional Guy™

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