Sunday Prayer | Heal Us, Lord, Heal Us

Healing is the word standing steadfast, front and center, in my heart, soul, and mind today.

Our world needs healing as does our nation. Those we love need healing, like my mom who is battling an undiagnosed issue either with her left hip or a leg tendon. We spent Friday afternoon at the doctor’s office getting her tested and examined. We’re currently awaiting the results of her x-rays.

Outrage over the killing of a black man in Atlanta sparked a fire roasting a fast food restaurant to the ground. The embers of racial tension, political division, and economic turmoil continue burning.

The number of COVID cases are spiking in places, reminding us that we are still fighting a virus that discriminates against no one.


In the midst of all this anguish, strife, and uncertainty I am reminded that Jesus is the lone source for true healing. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. With God, nothing is impossible. During this extreme testing of our faith, let us remain steadfast, focusing our hearts, souls, and minds on Jesus. Lord, we are in desperate need of Your healing hand. We know that You have not forgotten nor forsaken us. As believers, help us be the salt and light pointing people to Christ during these difficult days. Help us be vessels of peace and agents of wisdom. Hear our cries. Heal us, Lord, heal us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Peace be with you.

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