Turning the Page on the First Half of a Crazy Year

Well. We made it. Half of 2020 is officially behind us. I’m sure, like me, you’re uncertain whether to be excited or wary of what the rest of this year brings. It is definetly a time unlike any other that I’ve experienced in my over half a century walking God’s green Earth.

Amidst all the noise, I found myself screaming in the deepest depths of my soul so I decided to step back and take a little breather. Breath in. Hold. Exhale. Rinse. Repeat. I needed to refresh and recharge, as I am sure you probably need to as well given the increasing tumult and tension rampaging through our daily lives like a freaked out elephant who just saw the world’s tiniest mouse.

Some excellent news that I want to share with all of you faithful readers and followers of The Devotional Guy™ blog: At the end of June, this blog surpassed all of 2019’s total engagement numbers, setting new personal records for traffic including the total views and number of visitors. That’s right…in the first SIX months of 2020, The Devotional Guy™ has already blown past the total numbers for ALL of last year!!! WOOHOO!!!

Please know that I am humbled and incredibly grateful for YOU. There are lots of things vying for your attention and I’m super thankful that you would choose to spend a few momentns of your day reading the posts on this blog amid the calamity and chaos 2020 has heaped on our plate.

In addition to making my regular worksite visits as a workplace chaplain, I am spending time writing for a spiritual writing class that I enrolled in before summer started. It’s been a great experience so far and I am learning a lot about writing in general, as well as what it means to practice the craft of spiritual writing. Our instructor, Jonathan, has provided us with great material to read and listen to as our class mines the depths of what it means to write from the soul and frame spiritual truths in a manner that is accessible and digestable to readers, like you, who are interested in exploring spiritual things.

Again, thanks for stopping by The Devotional Guy™ and reading, engaging, commenting, liking, and sharing these posts that I write. I am honestly humbled and awed by what God is doing through this blog and through your lives. Know that you are loved.


The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Beth Alisan says:

    Congratulations! Such wonderful news especially in light of the road block social media outlets tried to place on your blog. Made me think of Joseph’s words to his brothers in Genesis 50:20. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord’s call on your life to share on this blog what He places on your heart. I know I’ve been personally blessed by what I’ve read. Enjoy your writing class!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Beth, for your generous comments and encouraging words. I appreciate your taking the time to read these ditties I post.


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