Watercooler Wednesday | 10 Ways Believers Can Glorify God in the Workplace

In Monday’s post, we discussed how work honors God. Today, I wanted to share 10 ways believers can glorify God in the workplace based on our previous exploration of bearing witness wherever we find ourselves. The first seven focus on our response and attitude at work as employees. The final three center on how we bear witness as bosses and employers.

  1. As employees, we honor God and glorify Christ when we approach our work with a good attitude, striving to be positive contributors to our workplace.
  2. As employees, we can honor God and glorify Christ through obeying our employer and carrying out the job in the manner our boss has prescribed. This doesn’t mean we go against our beliefs or set them aside. However, we strive to do our work in accordance with the protocols and processes our employer has put in place.
  3. As employees, we bear witness to God and honor Christ when our words match up with our deeds. We glorify God when we act with integrity and act honestly.
  4. As workers, we honor God and glorify Christ, when we obey our employer with a true sincerity of heart. We aren’t fake. Again, our words match our actions.
  5. To glorify Christ and honor God at work, we bring our full God-given talents and resources to work with us every day. That means while we are at work, we not only work with the sincerity of heart, but focus our mind on the job at hand.
  6. As employees we glorify Christ and honor God when we do our work with an eye for service. We ask, ‘What can I do today that will make an everlasting impact on the business?” We ask, “How can I help make a difference today?”
  7. To honor God and glorify Christ at work we treat our boss and our coworkers with respect and dignity, recognizing they are made in the image of God. We treat others the way we would them to treat us.
  8. As employers and bosses we honor God and glorify Christ when we recognize that people are gifts God has given us to steward and that each person has the talents and resources to help us accomplish the work God has called us to do.
  9. As bosses and employers, we honor God and glorify Christ when we strive to act with positive reinforcement instead of negative feedback. Light sparks growth. Darkness promotes withdrawl.
  10. As employers and bosses, we avoid showing favoritism as much as possible, while recognizing people for a job well-done. Again, we cultivate the behaviors and attitudes we want through modeling them ourselves. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Each of us, whether employers or employees, must approach our work remembering the lordship of Christ, if we are going to act as true believers. We will remain mindful of God’s calling on our life and we will strive to bear good witness wherever we are currently working. Our primary resource for making all this happen is the Holy Spirit. We must be Spirit-filled when we go to work. We fuel our faith through prayer, spending time in God’s word, and through regular fellowship with other believers. Our primary focus at work is abiding in Christ so that the fruit of the Spirit can be born out in our work lives for God’s glory.

Yes, work isn’t always what we expect it to be, but as believers we remain steadfast in our beliefs and trust the Lord to provide us with a good outcome. I never met a problem that not having a job solved. When work gets hard—and it will—turn to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for a change in attitude. Think of those things you are grateful for in your life and what opportunties and rewards your work affords you so that you can live the life God granted you today to the fullest.

Remember: You ARE loved!


The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Thank you for these practical reminders of how to carry our faith into the workplace.

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  2. Thanks for encouraging feedback and for reading my post Mary. Blessing.


  3. Very well said!!

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