Wednesday Devotional | October 7, 2020

In recent weeks, COVID reminded me that the virus plaguing our planet is still wreaking havoc among us. I’ve spent time praying for close friends, church friends, family friends, and friends of friends who tested positive and contracted the virus.

Some did not show any symptoms and appear no worse for wear having caught the virus. Others spent time in hospital rooms fighting through more severe effects, like pneumonia and difficulty breathing. Then there are those who lost a fight they had no chance of winning.

I personally know of a family who is no longer with us here on Earth because they all came down with the virus and died within days and weeks of one another.

No one needs to convince me that the virus is real.

Like many, I also understand and see the economic hardships people are experiencing as a result of trying to contain the virus and minimize its spread.

I am seeing people who I did business with before the pandemic forced to shutter their doors, closing iconic restaurants, retail outlets, and other family ventures.

I do not need anyone to explain the dire economic consequences that battling COVID has levied.

By the end of last week, I found myself celebrating the good news that a friend of mine would survive COVID while simultaneously finding myself praying for the President and the First Lady as the world learned they had contracted the virus.

The socio-economic, health, and mental costs of COVID will remain long after we defeat it.

During this period of great uncertainty and fervent unrest, it may seem like God has forgotten us—-or that He has abandoned you. Nothing could be further from the truth. While COVID is still among us, God is too. The Lord has not forsaken us. He remains at work all around us.

No doubt, these days are stretching and testing your faith, as they have mine. We know that spiritual growth comes at a price. These are the moments when we as believers must dig deep for these are not shallow valleys. It is a time that I think challenges even the most ardent believer. We know that God is preparing us and future generations, should He continue to tarry in His return, for a time that will be even more difficult than this.

We also know that God is with us like He was present with all those who came before us and who faced battles and storms of their own. We know we can trust our Lord for we know He loves us and is for us, not against us.

This is what it means to be alive, to live life, to exist in this world. Life doesn’t play fair. The world reminds us daily that it owes us nothing. It’s hard, but it’s also filled with awesomeness. Let us not forget the joy life brings us. Let us cherish the love life gives us. Let us stand with confidence, knowing our God is good and He walks with us.

Reflection Questions:

1. Do you know someone who contracted COVID?

2. Do you know someone who lost their business or lost their job during this pandemic?

3. Who are you turning to for help during these difficult times?

4. How has the pandemic and social unrest impacted your faith?


Lord, thank You for lavishing us with Your love and grace and for showering us with every spiritual blessing. Heal our land, Lord. Restore peace. Rid us of this virus. For the praise of Your glory, Lord. God, help those who are sick recover. Help those who suffered financial setbacks flourish. help us thrive, Lord. All for the praise of Your glory! In Jesus’ name, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you for reading this post and for following my blog. Your comments mean a lot and I find your feedback helpful and encouraging.


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  1. Janice Cambrs says:

    Well said. I had the virus and was blessed to over come it quickly and with no side effects. I remind myself daily that God is in control, no matter what is happening around us.

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  2. Thanks for your encouraging feedback and for sharing your experience with the virus, Janice. Praise God for delivering you through it with minimal symptoms. Indeed, God is control.


  3. bgddyjim says:

    I think the tide is turning on the virus. I have a very close friend I ride with who struggled mightily with COVID for a week before going to the hospital. He received almost the same treatment as the President did and was home four days later, recovering. There are still complications but the treatments available are having fantastic results.

    This should be the feel-good story of the year but it’s the news is too good and it’s too close to the election so people won’t hear about it. Just wait till the president and first lady give plasma so they can save lives with their antibodies. Good God, it’s going to get crazy when that happens!

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  4. Right!?! Yes, I lean towards believing we are turning the corner, too, Jim. And what would ordinarily be a feel good story certainly isn’t, in regard to the President and First Lady, amid the election hubris. But given our current state of affairs, it seems like the road ahead of us is going to continue to be challenging due to how fractured, divided, and polarized we are now. And that division started long before this administration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for reading. I appreciate you, brother. Blessings.

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  5. bgddyjim says:

    “But given our current state of affairs, it seems like the road ahead of us is going to continue to be challenging due to how fractured, divided, and polarized we are now.”

    Ah, but I simply refuse to participate, and that’s all I can do.

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  6. I hear you. I’ve tried to not participate, but I feel led to be an instrument of peace and a vessel of encouragement amid all the strife. I will be grateful if I can do that while speaking Truth.

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  7. zoeyalyward says:

    Thanks for sharing!! And also, great mask – “faith over fear”.

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  8. My pleasure! Thanks for reading and letting me know you were here, Zoey! I appreciate the follow, too. Glad you like the mask. Blessings!

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  9. Alan Kearns says:

    It is so amazing there are so few posts dealing with the spiritual battle with Covid, but in this post we find a brilliant exception! A very useful and blessed read, thank you. Incidentally I read an inspiring phrase in another post this morning which I share here: “you and God makes a majority!”

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  10. First, thank you Alan, for your kind and generous words. Love that phrase! I am seeing the spiritual battle entangled with CoVid more clearly lately. As a result, I’m hoping to speak on that more in future posts. I am glad this post resonated with you. Thanks for reading this post and for following my blog. Blessings!

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