Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020

Prayer is a vital part of any believers walk with God. Our time spent in close communion with God is precious. We know from Genesis 2:8 that the Lord walked in Eden in the evening, when there was a breeze. The passage goes on to show us God looking for Adam and Eve. His creation is hiding. God calls for them. “Where are you?”

I think that section of Scripture paints a picture of what prayer can be like when we delight in it as much as God delights in spending time with us. We can talk to God in prayer. We can be completely honest and open with God. The Lord may ask us some pointed questions. But, we need not hide from Him.

The Apostle Paul exhorts us to pray continuously without ceasing. Paul loved prayer and heralded its importance in the life of a believer.

We see Jesus spend a great deal of time in prayer throughout the Gospels. No matter what was going on, Jesus always made time for prayer.

I believe prayer is a mark of our spiritual maturity. Understanding the power of prayer is a measure of our growing in our faith and maintaining our proximity to God throughout our day. Prayer helps us keep God close. That’s something Paul understood and tried to teach us through his writings.

In hopes of getting better at it, I’ve invested time in studying prayer. Here are 5 books that I found influential in helping me grow in my understanding and knowledge of prayer. Getting better at prayer requires practice. Reading these books combined with a regular daily practice of the discipline of prayer will help you grow in your prayer life.

5 Books on Prayer

1. E.M Bounds on Prayer by E.M. Bounds

2. With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray

3. Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference? by Philip Yancy

4. Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster

5. Secrets of a Prayer Warrior by Derek Prince

These are not the only books on prayer. There are a number of excellent books on the subject. I think they will help you grow in your prayer walk as I hope to continue growing in mine.

Reflection Questions:

1. Do you believe in the power of prayer?

2. What are your favorite books on prayer?

3. What blogs do you read that focus on prayer?

4. How is your prayer life?

5. What ways can someone grow in their prayer life?


God, thank You for the privilege and gift of prayer. May we not take it for granted but take full advantage of spending time with You in prayer. Help us grow in our knowledge, understanding, and practice of prayer. Help us be faithful prayer warriors. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

May the Lord shine His favor on you and those you love.


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  1. Prayer helps us maintain proximity to God— God close. I love it! Blessings.

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  2. Beth Alisan says:

    I greatly appreciate your words, “I think that section of Scripture paints a picture of what prayer can be like when we delight in it as much as God delights in spending time with us.” For too much of my life, I viewed prayer as a discipline to be mastered rather than an opportunity to foster a very special relationship. “In the Garden” has become one of my favorite hymns as it captures what my time in prayer has become. May I echo your prayer, “God, thank You for the privilege and gift of prayer.” Thank you for the book recommendations!

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  3. My pleasure, Beth. Prayer definitely presents us with an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God. That’s a beautiful hymn to meditate on as you spend time in prayer. Thanks for reading and sharing your encouraging words.

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