It’s Fri-YAY!

Can you believe it’s October 1st?

Late last month, The Devotional Guy™ surpassed the total number of views and visitors received in all of 2020! WOOHOO!

Thank you readers, followers, engagers, and influencers! I am grateful that you took a minute to stop by and check out a post or two.

This year is flying by! As many of you know, I started a new gig at the beginning of the year working at OurCalling, a discipleship ministry for the homeless living in Dallas. After starting out as the Food Services Manager, I got promoted to my current role, Senior Operations Manager.

No two days are alike and most days are a whirlwind of activity. We’ve grown considerably, nearly doubling the size of our staff since I began in January.

I believe that I am at the heart and center of God’s will, using the skills, gifts, experience, and know-how that He has blessed me with to advance His kingdom.

I work with a team of all-stars who are deeply devoted to the Lord and helping people find a way off the streets. We are a discipleship ministry seeking to glorify God. We want all of our guests to come to know and trust in Jesus. Naturally, some do while all too many don’t. Regardless, our team strives to love each of them well, even if at times a few of them might be unlovable in the moment we interact with them.

Each day has its own share of excitement and blend of challenges. There is plenty to do and tons of details involved in every aspect of what we do.

Anyways, it’s been a minute since I posted and in addition to celebrating the good news of The Devotional Guy™ growing, I wanted to encourage you to continue in your blogging journey. I’ve found that posting on a regular basis, being intentional on what you blog about, and creating relevant content are three keys to growing your blog.

Happy blogging!


  1. Congrats on your blogging milestone, Rainer! And there’s still two months left in the year, for even more growth. Your three blogging tips are a most helpful reminder. Consistency and good content are a good plan. Blessings!

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