Are You Getting Ready for Next Year?

It is hard to believe, but a year that began with great anticipation is fleeing to a close. In FORTY days, we will say goodbye to 2021 and usher in 2022!

Of course, a new year always comes with new promises. As some of us are getting ready to cook and carve our Thanksgiving turkeys, others are mulling over how to improve their writing and grow their blog in the upcoming new year.

Honestly, I am doing the same thing.

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself knee-deep in several theological discussions, particularly about the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I’ve also had discussions about discipleship, community, and our present attitude toward sin amid a culture increasingly put off by conversations about accountability and responsibility. In addition, I’m rediscovering Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jerry Bridges, and Henri Nouwen.

What are you planning to do with your blog in 2022?

I could easily just write about cats. Our crew of six continues to entertain us and give us joy. The appeal of that is offering the world something that takes their mind of their current doldrums. It’s certainly less controversial than talking about Jesus. I could focus on the challenges created by our neighborhood feral community and the difficulty of trapping them so that they can be neutered and released. However, I’m not sure that’s a debate or discussion I want to commit my time to at the moment. But, maybe there’s a way to devote a couple of posts to the subject.

Perhaps, I should focus on history, particularly American history and offer some pushback to the competing narratives that are increasingly bullying their way to the public stage. I love history, especially American history, and therefore find writing posts about it intriguing. Would I add anything to the conversation?

Another avenue leads to exploring the growing universe of podcasting. I’ve been debating producing my own podcast, but continue to be undecided. I’m currently listening to a couple of podcasts. My favorite one at the moment is “Who Killed Mars Hill?” Produced by Christianity Today, this series digs into the story of mega churches while plowing deep into what happened to a once flourishing church and key voice in American Christianity. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend giving it a lesson. It offers a plethora of lessons, particularly on ministry leadership.

Of course, I can always continue to share about my ministry work with the homeless. In a climate that pushes “Housing First,” as a pliable solution to homelessness, it is increasingly more difficult to get secular organizations to understand the importance of community and relationship in addressing the multifaceted issues of the homeless in America.

Blogging is only one avenue of writing. There is also the more traditional world of magazine articles, stories, and books. The past two plus months, I’ve been honing my personal essay writing in hopes of creating stories others want to read.

One thing is for certain, as 2021 winds down, I am thinking about what this blog, The Devotional Guy™, looks like and sounds like in 2022.

How about you? What does your blogging and writing journey look like in 2022? Now is the time to start planning.

May the Lord shine His favor on you. I pray your time with family and friends will bring you great joy over the next several weeks as we close out another year.

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The Devotional Guy™


  1. My blogging journey into 2022 reads like the back of a shampoo bottle: “Lather, rinse, repeat.” I’ve found my niche, established a steady posting schedule, and am committed to writing quality content. I only wish I had time to post more often!

    It’s interesting how you say giving homeless people a place to live is only part of the puzzle. Life is complicated–even more so for those living in poverty. May God continue to bless your life and ministry. Rainer.

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  2. That’s super, David! I’m glad to hear that you’ve found your niche and found a posting schedule that works for you. I am reviewing my posting schedule to consider what works best with the demands of everyday life and work.

    Yes, if housing was the solution then we could just put everyone in an apartment. But most of the apartments they get are in neighborhoods facing a slew of challenges. The homeless person gets the keys to a virtually empty (sometimes sparsely furnished) apartment. He or she has knows no one and has no one. The organization is simply giving them a place to live and checking a box “complete.” Not exactly set up for success. But then, loneliness is a symptom shared by people who seem to having it all going on. It is complicated.

    Thanks for reading friend. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  3. Uncoffined says:

    I generally don’t have a plan for my blog. I just write about what’s important to me at the time.

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  4. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. One of the beautiful things about blogging is the creative freedom to approach it the way that suits you. For me, I’ve found an increased need to plan more strategically to serve my audience better.


  5. Gary Fultz says:

    My blog is a scratched out footnote to life when I take the time. It’s on the end of the bench. I’m not sure I want to move it up into a starting position. Yet, it seems to be carving out a niche for itself. The tension is “do I do less adventuring and use my words left over for the week, or do I start being like you “planner” people. create a mission statement, set some goals and go after it.

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  6. Great question, Gary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It depends on what causes you to blog, I think. And then, based on that, how you steward that motivation.

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  7. pastorpete51 says:

    Hmm that’s a good question but I am not sure I know the answer. I have always written and even have a few things published on occasion. For me it comes down to something God planted inside that is continually demanding to get out and go for a walk! Blessings on your plans.

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  8. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  9. Beth Alisan says:

    It’s good to read your reflections on your blog and hear the potential posts that might be developed in 2022. I am a planner and goal oriented by nature. My profession as a teacher requires those skills. However, I’ve refrained from doing so with my blog. I am not a writer and so I see each lesson that flows out onto paper as a blessing. Lessons from a Lab will continue only as long as the lessons continue. Who knows what the Lord will drop on my lap that will flow over into my blog in 2022. I’ll let Him surprise me. I hope you and Terry have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  10. Thank you, Beth. I appreciate you sharing your insights.


  11. eryheart says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs. I think I feel it’s necessary to give this corrupt world something of meaning. I want to write about Jesus and my experiences with my faith journey.

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  12. I believe that would be a great idea! Thank you for sharing your encouraging thoughts and for reading my blog.


  13. Agent X says:

    I have been thinking about your post for a few days. I still don’t have conclusion with my thoughts. Not sure what response to make, and started to just not.

    But then your post sorta just didn’t let me go either. Why? I dunno. I’m not burdened with it, but it just hangs there at the edge of my attention like it wants more.

    Is there some rule I should be following? Or can I just write whatever…..?

    I started blogging hoping to reach out to homeless people on the one hand and church people on the other. The church in America is like Ozzy’s Crazy Train going off the rails these days on lots of fronts, and our care for the poor is one of them. So, there is a LOT there to deal with, but I pretty much have.

    I sense I have one main overarching message there with about 8 or 10 main ways of expressing it, and about a dozen variations on each of those, meaning, I think I am extremely redundant, only just barely disguising the redundancy.

    But then I have branched out some too. I figure politics and race have huge impact on the church’s treatment of the poor, and so I explore those things some too, hopefully hugging close to those points where they have bearing on the church vis-a-vis the poor.

    But I have found real pleasure in expressing my inner psych patient in recent times too. I just don’t know if I have enough of that to make it a regular, ongoing feature of my blog, but I am open to trying it. I mean getting really crazy with it, so crazy that you gotta be really invested to follow it and make sense of it – sorta poetry of apocalypse.

    Of course, that is a little like pop music too where the lyrics are practically meaningless OR COULD MEAN whatever you FEEL at any given time. I mean 8675309 is not my number, not the number of any women I know, and not a number I copied off the bathroom wall, but somehow grooving on it takes me THERE… where ever THERE is. Im betting my THERE is different from yours, but somehow a lot of us GO THERE.

    Actually, I am a little more Pink Floydie.

    But I worked in a psych unit for several years. I find a lot of psych patients on the streets too. I find it interesting that Bible prophets are sometimes thought of as out of their minds.

    I doubt I commit to more of that, but it’s an idea I am considering.

    Probably won’t attract as many as it repels, but surely it’s not breaking any rules.

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  14. Agent X says:

    PS, I found your blog promoted by Charlene too!

    Way to go! I envy you that. Ha! Sweet lady.

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  15. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Agent X. The themes of homelessness, poverty, mental illness and your response as a believer certainly tie together from my perspective. The beautiful thing about blogging is that you are free to create what your heart wants to create. That said, I think people are drawn to blogs who challenge their thinking, but stay true to their cause. Helter-Skelter may be a great song, however I’m not sure it’s an approach that works well if you’re trying to communicate with an audience.
    For me, having some sort of plan helps keep me accountable. Otherwise, I never make my bed. Thanks again for reading and sharing your insights.

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  16. Ranier, you look much better prepared for the coming year than most. I need to finish a few unfinished manuscripts of two longer short stories, a book review, and perhaps a devotion written for my stepfather. May God’s grace and peace guide both of us as we explore uncharted waters.

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  17. I am grateful to you for your continued diligence in all the different forms of writing you pursue. Yes, May the Lord supply us with what we need. Amen 🙏

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