My Monday Morning Cup | Where is the Best Place to Start Reading My Bible ?

I often get asked, “Where is the place to start reading my Bible?”

I often reply, “In the beginning.”

Honestly, I do recommend either starting with Genesis or the Gospel of John to the majority of people who ask me this important question. I think both of these books provide foundational insights to both the new and experienced believer alike.

As the calendar turns the page on 2021 and opens to 2022, many of us will begin getting back in God’s word by starting a Bible reading plan that navigates us through all of Scripture in one year.

This is especially true as we approach the beginning of a new year that naturally grants us the opportunity to do better than we did before in many areas of our lives like exercise, eating right, being intentional with our time, focusing on our loved ones, and growing nearer to God.

I believe reading the Bible is essential for survival in the tumultuous times we find ourselves living in. God’s word provides us wisdom, strengthens our discernment, and increases our confidence because as we read through the Scriptures we witness God’s faithfulness and trustworthiness to all humanity and creation over and over again.

Reading the Bible is a fundamental way to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord. The Bible is His revelation of Himself to us. Want to know the will of God? Read the Bible. Want to grow closer to God? Read your Bible.

There are a multitude of options outlining ways to read through the Bible in one year. Do you have a favorite plan that helps you read through the Bible in one year?

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In the last few days, I came across a one year Bible reading plan recommended by Canadian blogger and author Tim Challies that I am considering trying in 2022. You can learn more about the plan Challies recommends as well as insights into the benefits of reading the Bible in this recent post on his blog.

As we begin the last week of 2021 and look forward with great anticipation to 2022, I pray that you will consider spending time in God’s word. Reading the Bible daily will undoubtedly enrich the quality of your life, strengthen your relationships with the people in your sphere of influence, and provide you with wisdom that spans the ages.

I wish you many, many, many blessings in the New Year to come!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Each year I choose a different type of reading plan. I also try to choose a different translation each year. For instance in 2021 I read through the the NASB & NIV. I also read through the Message (New Testament).

    For 2022 I will be reading ESV.

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  2. That’s a neat way to do it. Thank you for sharing your insights and for reading.


  3. eryheart says:

    I started in Exodus

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  4. Ranier, I appreciate your encouragement in daily reading of the Bible. While I haven’t adopted a yearly reading plan, I devote time each morning to reading and studying from at least two devotional discussions. I make it a point to read the entire chapter surrounding the selected verse or verses. This really brings proper context to the study. Blessings to you and T, may the hope, peace, joy, and love of Christmas fill your spirit in the coming year.

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  5. Yes, indeed. That sounds like an excellent way of staying in the Word. Thank you for your well-wishes for blessings in this holiday season. I pray the same for you and those you love. Thank you for reading my friend.

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