Humility: Finding Your God-Given Space in the World

In Hebrew, the concept of humility—avanah—focuses on occupying your God-given space in the world. Being humble infers not overestimating yourself or your abilities as well as not underestimating them either. A humble person feels little need to brag, preferring to let his/her actions speak for themselves. A humble person is both highly self-aware and in-tune situationally.

Humble people realize that no one cares until they realize how much you care. They invest in people by putting others first while focusing on the overall journey. They talk less and listen more.

That said, it is a misconception that a humble person lacks opinions or is timid. Humble people speak their mind. They recognize the necessity of having hard conversations. Humble people understand that in order to resolve problems, people must find ways to close the gap that stands between unwillingness and willingness. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Able to ask for help, humble people accept responsibility and welcome feedback. They are always willing to learn and do better.

Humble people, regardless of the result, always find a way to show appreciation by saying “thank you.” They serve with an abundance mentality rather than viewing everything as a zero-sum effort. Humble people value communication and collaboration more than they value being singled out and getting credit.

Let’s face it—we could use more humility in many aspects of our communities, organizations, and government. We could achieve real milestones if we focused more on achieving the result rather than who receives the credit.

When you recognize that you are occupying your God-given space, than you are at one with the Lord, allowing every activity to be an expression of worship. That is what it means to truly experience being a Christian living in the 21st century.

I pray the Lord shines His favor upon you today.

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  1. Humble in ALL things.
    We can do NOTHING under our own power

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  2. True dat. Thanks for reading my post.

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  3. Willing to ask for help, accepting feedback, these are my two Achilles heels—especially the feedback part.

    I heard about a great leader once who always sought to make the job itself the hero. Nobody’s perfect, but a team can be.

    Ok, that’s enough cliches from me today😊

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  4. Amen. Thank you for reading, David. I appreciate your honest thoughts.

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  5. Ranier, your discussion shores up our reasoning in being humble believers. God’s wisdom and grace lays out his plan with Jesus at its center.

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