Worship Wednesday | The Spiritual Practice of Drawing

If you’ve been following blog this Summer, you know that a few months ago I started pursuing drawing as a spiritual practice and as a way to express myself creatively.

I’ve discovered that digging into this artistic practice is like a good song, a good story, or good food. Making art should feed the soul. I find myself experiencing joy and I have also experienced that art brings people I love and care about joy, particularly those closest to me.

I am having fun, too.

Learning to draw takes practice. I’ve learned that I must be willing to see what’s possible and go at it without any preconceptions. Simply draw.

There are routines to establish and prompts to stretch skills. Currently, I’m spending time improving my ability to draw facial features like ears, eyes, noses, and mouths. I’ve also spent the last couple of weeks drawing hands as part of a prompt to improve perspective and develop eye to detail. In addition, I’ve tried my hand at drawing my own self-portrait. All of these things are challenging but I can see that I am progressing with every stroke of my pencil.

While I am drawing, my mind is very focused on what I am doing. The outside world envelops me yet it doesn’t trickle in. I am focused. A couple of hours go by and I don’t even notice because I am zoned in—working with my pad and pencil.

It’s a time for me to commune prayerfully with God, the Creator. I am living in that moment, not thinking about anything else except what I am drawing. And not even drawing In totality—but the line, the curve, the shape, the angle of every stroke of my hand and every mark of my pencil. There is no before; no after. Just now.

When I come up for air there is a sense of gratification and gratitude. Something exists that did not exist when I began—accomplishment.

I noticed that same sensation after I finished getting ready for our church service at work today. One of the responsibilities that falls under my purview is serving as de facto worship director. I gather the pieces and put them together. Like drawing, this is a spiritual practice that envelops me and connects me worshipfully to God. This brings me joy. In a similar token, I pray that it pleases the Lord.

You see, my friend, there many ways we can worship God. Our spiritual practices, like drawing, and our acts of service, like directing worship, can draw us—-and others—-closer to God.

What spiritual practices do you engage in that help you draw nearer to the Lord?

May God bless you and watch over you. May God bless the United States of America.

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. “There are many ways we can worship God.” Good point, Rainer. Our day-to-day lives can become a prayer to Him.

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  2. This is kind of like Writing

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