Modern Psalm 4 : A New Psalm

Last month, I introduced the first modern psalm I wrote. The biblical book of Psalms speaks on the many aspects of what it is to be human. I pray that these “Modern Psalms” would remind us of the God who loves us immensely and blesses us abundantly. I hope that they connect with you in someway and that somehow you connect with them.

May this offering be a blessing to you.

Hallelujah and Amen.

The Devotional Guy™

Modern Psalm 4 : A New Psalm

1 Cleanse me of my insecurities, O Lord, my God. Wash away my self doubt. 2 Rescue me, Lord, from these thoughts that say I am less than I am in Your eyes so that I may fulfill my purpose in this life that You alone have granted me.

3 You have equipped me to do the work for which You have called me to do, so help me do it.

4 Free me from the weight of my insecurities. 5 Defend me against the stings from the darts of deprecation. 6 Free me from the lies of the father of deception. 7 Free me, O Lord, free me. So that I may exalt Your name and sing Your praises from now until the everlasting.

8 I trust in You, O Lord. I trust in You.

9 Hallelujah, my God. Hallelujah.


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The Devotional Guy™ Rainer Bantau © 2022



  1. Amen, brother! God equips the called, not the other way around. I’m one of those folks with insecurities about stepping up as a leader. But God doesn’t make mistakes. As my friend Gary Fultz likes to say, “God’s will is God’s bill.” Have a blessed Sunday.

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  2. I absolutely love this – the words, and also the fact you’re writing them in this way: it warms my heart to see someone so passionate about their love for their King!

    I think it can feel – for some – as though we’re not allowed to write stuff like this – perhaps it feels like heresy because of teaching we’ve heard (or mis-heard) in the past.

    But, just as the Lord’s prayer is meant to be a template far more than just another piece of scripture to have at our disposal, so, I believe, are the Psalms templates for how we can righteously speak to our loving Heavenly Father.

    That approach moves us through from how we feel [God made us with emotions] to what we really think [no point lying to God, or ourselves] to acknowledging who God is [He’s bigger than the problem] to lastly, and most importantly, speaking of God as He is [as worthy of our Praise].

    Andy B

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  3. Andy—I am grateful and encouraged by your comments. I’ve wrestled with several of the thoughts you mention. At the end of the day, I can only be true to the Spirit who moved me to pen them [these psalms]. They flow from a deepening love for the God who breathed life into me and redeemed me from my brokenness.


  4. Amen. We all need encouraging. I’m just thrilled I could be used to encourage you 🙂

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