Exploring the Goodness of Rituals, Liturgies, and Traditions

Change is rooted in tradition. Yes, read that again. Tradition fuels change. Doing the thing we’ve always done just because we’ve always done it ignites change. At least, it should.

When you are young, traditions can be viewed as too establishment or even outdated. Bucking tradition leads us to rebel against the status quo. This can lead to remarkable positive change.

But, lest we throw the baby out with the bath water, we need to be cautious not to discard our traditions and discount the importance of ritual in our life. Getting up every morning, making your bed, and brushing your teeth are healthy rituals. Agreed?

Spending time with your spouse on your anniversary or getting together for a Valentine’s dinner at your favorite restaurant are good traditions as are gathering with your family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. These traditions are good and enrich our lives. I believe that togetherness makes our lives better. Community matters.

Spending time with God in prayer, reading an enriching book, attending a church worship service, or meditating on a passage in the Bible are helpful liturgies.

These things do us good.

What liturgies or rituals are part of your life?

May the Lord shine His love and light on you.

Live blessed!

Rainer Bantau
The Devotional Guy™


The Devotional Guy™ Rainer Bantau © 2023



  1. A good point. I especially appreciate that the ritual of reading our Bibles and spending time with the Lord should change us. Thanks for this thoughtful post. 🤔

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  2. Amen. Thank you for reading, Bridget. I’m glad it hit the spot.

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  3. Ranier, this post is filled with a blessed reminder. We need to maintain certain rituals, liturgies, and traditions in our daily lives. I am a morning creature who enjoys coffee along with God’s Word. It prepares me to have an open mind and inner peace before I continue my writing journey. Blessings to you for sharing the goodness of the Lord.

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