Becoming a Better Writer

Becoming a better writer is a daily process, not an overnight occurrence. Honing your writing craft requires investing time, committing to writing daily, participating in a writer’s group in order to learn from like-minded people, and studying the art of writing by reading, taking courses and attending conferences. Eighty percent of submissions are discarded withoutContinue reading “Becoming a Better Writer”

What Is Your Nemesis Word?

The elderly writing sage removed his black Stetson, revealing a wave of thick, white hair matching his handlebar mustache bordering his lips as he spoke. His delivery was gentle, although his voice was gruff. “Do you know what your nemesis word is?” A hand popped up from one of the conference attendees. “Sir?” “Yes?” “WhatContinue reading “What Is Your Nemesis Word?”

How Do You Grow Your Blog?

If you’re like me and you’ve been blogging for a while one of the challenges you’ve undoubtedly faced, unless you’re a celebrity or high profile figure, is growing the audience for your blog. Getting your voice heard in the myriad of blogs vying for readers is a rollercoaster ride between glee and glum. You jumpContinue reading “How Do You Grow Your Blog?”

Writing Is Hard Work

Writing is an endeavor of high highs and low lows that can be maddeningly frustrating one moment and intensely rewarding the next. Writing requires perseverance and the stamina to endure the long journey from idea germination to successful publication. Writers need to have thick skin, able to maintain a healthy life perspective while being pummeledContinue reading “Writing Is Hard Work”

Operation Christmas Child

National Collection Week begins today. My wife, Terri, and I are excited to see what amazing things God will do this week in the lives of those who bring love-filled shoebox gifts and in the lives of those who are going to receive them. Shoebox gifts filled with basic things like toothbrushes, combs, and funContinue reading “Operation Christmas Child”