Life More Simple

Wow. Hard to believe it’s Easter again already. Time sure seems to fly by quickly in our modern, 21st century world. Living a simpler life is not necessarily easy in our post-Christian, postmodern era. Life is filled with busyness. The hustle and bustle of 21st century living whacks out our spiritual, emotional, physical, and financialContinue reading “Life More Simple”

Are You Prepared to Die?

Even though we all know that we are bound to die, death nonetheless manages to catch most of us by surprise. Have you given any thought to your funeral? Will you be buried or cremated? Are you an organ donor? How will the cost of your funeral be covered? Where will you spend eternity? HaveContinue reading “Are You Prepared to Die?”

A Road Less Traveled

Suffering precedes Glory. Anytime we are are following Christ, taking up the Cross, we should expect the attention of the Enemy. As Paul so eloquently writes in Ephesians 6:10-20, we are in a war–a spiritual war–a fight between Good and Evil, a battle between the children of the Light and the world of Darkness. AsContinue reading “A Road Less Traveled”

Modeling Faith

It’s important that we model our faith for others, both naturally and intentionally, just as someone in our life has modeled faith for us. When you think about those people in your life who modeled their faith for you, who do you think of? I recall my Grandmother, Hedwig, who I knew to be aContinue reading “Modeling Faith”

Love Matters to God

The most basic need we have as humans is to feel loved, to be loved, to experience love. Love changes everything. The presence of love in our lives empowers us, energizes us, drives us, comforts us, nourishes us, and encourages us. The absence of love brings to mind feelings of darkness, despair, loneliness, purposelessness, andContinue reading “Love Matters to God”

Full Circle

Healing begins with brokenness. But we don’t stop there. Don’t wear your past like some badge of honor. If your past is much like mine (and I suspect it is), there is little pride to be found in the shortcomings of our yesterdays. Instead, we move forward, not reveling in the pity of our pastContinue reading “Full Circle”