The Next Steps In My Writing Journey

This week, I started a new writing course centered on crafting personal essays. I enrolled in the class through Creative Nonfiction, a magazine focused on the craft of writing nonfiction stories, memoirs, and essays. The class I am taking lasts ten weeks and covers a broad range of topics geared to honing my ability to … Continue reading The Next Steps In My Writing Journey

Remembering 9-11 | Never Forget

Today marks twenty years since the attack on America by Al-Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four commercial aircraft, hurdling two planes into the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center and plummeting a third plane into the Pentagon. A fourth aircraft, Flight 93, crashed after courageous passengers sacrificed their lives to prevent the terrorists … Continue reading Remembering 9-11 | Never Forget

Sunday Morning Prayer | Labor Day Prayer

Monday, September 6, 2021, Americans celebrate Labor Day. It is a time celebration, commemorating the myriad of contributions and achievements of American workers. The holiday, traditionally celebrated on the first Monday of every September, often features backyard cookouts, carnivals, parades, and fireworks. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of cultural summer, ushering in the beginning … Continue reading Sunday Morning Prayer | Labor Day Prayer