Saturday Scripture | The Humbling Love of God

As we live out the final weeks of 2020, I am convinced we are in a heated spiritual battle magnified by the pandemic, political and societal unrest, and growing division not only in America but around the world. Every pillar of what we once knew and believed is undergoing persistent scrutiny and under attack. That's … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | The Humbling Love of God

Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Last week, we briefly looked at the grace we have in God through Christ. Before our salvation, we were one way. Afterward, we are another. We are different relationally and positionally in connection to God. We are no longer apart from God, but rather a member of the body called to do the work He … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Saturday Scripture | Ephesians: Unmerited Grace

Today, we continue our journey exploring Paul’s letter titled “Ephesians” that he wrote, inspired by the Holy Spirit, as a circular letter to be exchanged between several local churches throughout what was then Asia Minor. Preaching the Word In previous weeks, we examined what we know as the first chapter of Paul’s powerful letter. We … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Ephesians: Unmerited Grace