My Monday Morning Cup | The Continous Process of Recovery

Last week certainly had its challenges. I know I spent a lot of time praying as I worked through some things while trying to understand several others. Surviving in recovery demands its fair share of introspection. After all, recovery is a process, not an event. And for the recovering addict, soul-searching is a continuous process. … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | The Continous Process of Recovery

Tuesday Devotional | October 20, 2020

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is found in Romans 12. It’s a beautiful, rich description of what our new life as believers can look like if we devote ourselves to God, as we should due to the immense gift of salvation He provided us. Chapter 12 kicks off a section of practical wisdom … Continue reading Tuesday Devotional | October 20, 2020

Thursday Devotional | October 15, 2020

Being wise is not the same as being smart. Our intelligence helps us make sound decisions in a logical way. But, intelligence isn’t always enough to make the right decisions. As we’ve discussed in previous posts this week, we need discernment. Discernment requires wisdom. The more difficult the decision, the more discernment is required. Wisdom … Continue reading Thursday Devotional | October 15, 2020