Saturday Scripture | The Humbling Love of God

As we live out the final weeks of 2020, I am convinced we are in a heated spiritual battle magnified by the pandemic, political and societal unrest, and growing division not only in America but around the world. Every pillar of what we once knew and believed is undergoing persistent scrutiny and under attack. That's … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | The Humbling Love of God

Tuesday Devotional | October 27, 2020

This past Summer, I had the opportunity to take a spiritual writing course through the Creative Nonfiction Magazine website. Our class explored the ins and outs of writing as a spiritual discipline. Our writing and class reading focused on creating pieces of different styles, from alternative perspectives, and varying word counts. The writing assignments helped … Continue reading Tuesday Devotional | October 27, 2020

Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020

Prayer is a vital part of any believers walk with God. Our time spent in close communion with God is precious. We know from Genesis 2:8 that the Lord walked in Eden in the evening, when there was a breeze. The passage goes on to show us God looking for Adam and Eve. His creation … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020