Love Matters to God

The most basic need we have as humans is to feel loved, to be loved, to experience love. Love changes everything. The presence of love in our lives empowers us, energizes us, drives us, comforts us, nourishes us, and encourages us. The absence of love brings to mind feelings of darkness, despair, loneliness, purposelessness, and emptiness. Without love, we drift through life lost. With love, we live life found, in the fullness and abundance of God’s richest graces and promises.

Love matters to God. Love is important to God. Scripture tells us that God is love and that we are to love God with every fiber and essence of our being. God created us to love and to love Him and to love one another.

God believes in love. The book of Genesis tells us that the Lord knew it was not good for a man to be alone, so He created a companion for the man, a helpmate, someone the man could love and who would love the man. God created the marriage covenant, the most beautiful expression of love that any man or woman can know and experience, apart from God’s love for us, individually. God created the covenant of marriage for each of us, so that a man could know and love a woman, and so that a woman could know and love a man.

God is love and God loves us. The Bible tells us that God loves us, not just a little, but with every fiber and essence of His being. He loves us with such magnitude that He willingly sacrificed His own Son for us, so that our wrongs could be forgiven and our lives could be restored and we could be reconciled with our Creator. He loves us so much that through Him, by the precious shed blood of His son, Jesus Christ, you and I can be cleansed of our old nature and made a new creation.

The very essence of God is love. You see, we can’t truly love someone else, until we first love ourselves. We can’t really love our selves until we know and experience God’s love for us. The key to love is unlocking the door that allows God’s love to enter our hearts, first. Only once we know our Heavenly Father’s love for us are we capable of truly, genuinely, and fully experiencing love the way God created it and intended it to be.

Take the time today to tell God that you love Him. Tell your children you love them, just like God has told us, His children, that He loves us. Today, be sure to tell your spouse how special they are to you and share with them how much, how deeply you love them. Thank God for love. Without love, we would have nothing. With love, we have everything.

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