Are You Prepared to Die?

Even though we all know that we are bound to die, death nonetheless manages to catch most of us by surprise. Have you given any thought to your funeral? Will you be buried or cremated? Are you an organ donor?
How will the cost of your funeral be covered? Where will you spend eternity?
Have you told anyone?
These are all questions that left-behind family members are faced with more often than not when it comes to the death of their loved ones. Somehow, we’re just not prepared to die. It’s as if by not planning for it, we think we can magically postpone the inevitable. We think that we’ll live longer if we delay discussing our departure from this realm into the next.
Yes, when we’re young we believe we’re invincible and death happens to other people. But it happens to all of us, eventually.
Not talking about the difficult things in life(and death) doesn’t make them go away. It just causes unnecessary burden on those we love. Do yourself, your spouse and your other loved ones a favor. Put together a clear road map for them so that when the time comes, they can focus on celebrating your life, free from sweating out how to decipher your unspoken wishes.

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