Putting Words on Paper

You want to write but you don’t know what to write about. Your mind is racing with thoughts, ideas, and characters, yet you are having a hard time focusing on a subject long enough to put words together to form your first sentence. At times, it seems like everyone has already written everything there is to write about. Other times, it seems impossible to tell a story that hasn’t already been told.


What do you do?

  1. Write what you know about.

Stephen King started out by writing stories about things that scared him. Mark Twain wrote about the Missouri he called home and the Mississippi River that held a spell over him. It’s no accident that John Le Carré or John Grisham started writing about the subjects that made them famously well-published authors. Le Carré worked for British Intelligence and Grisham was an attorney. Each of these authors wrote about what they knew.

You may not be able to write the latest crime thriller from the perspective of a police detective, but you can write a story involving characters that do things you have expertise or special insight about. There are people, places, and topics you know and that interest you. Write about them.

  1. Tell the story from your perspective.

The way you view people, places, and topics is uniquely yours. Your life has given you knowledge, experiences and ideas that although common to the rest of us, are particular to you. While themes involving love and fear have been written about by numerous authors, there are still vast stories waiting to be told. Besides, none of the stories that have been written, up to now, are your stories

  1. Let your imagination loose.

Give your imagination permission to run free. Set it loose. Writing involves letting go of your inhibitions and willingly exploring the themes you’re delving into and the characters you are creating. Don’t be afraid to turn your story upside down. It’s the twists that keep the pages turning.

Write on. You can do it. I believe in you.

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