How Can I Help You Today?

My parents taught me to help others. If you’re able to help someone, why wouldn’t you? I feel the most right in the universe when I help the people who I can. By the same token, I feel totally out-of-place when I don’t help someone who I can. That’s right. I don’t always help others like I should. So I’m not preaching this from my high horse standing on a mountaintop. When I help someone, I see Jesus reflected most through me. When I refuse, the Spirit cries out inside of me.

Helping others is a good thing that we could all stand to do a little more of. Why let someone suffer needlessly? Why not lend a hand?

I know. It’s good for people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. We all like to think that’s what we’ve done ourselves when we were in need. But in reality, it’s not what happened. I promise you God had his hand right there guiding you, putting people in your life who lent you a hand. We may not realize it because the person who helped us might have done so out of view, in anonymity.

We talk a lot about independence and celebrate the self-made man. Last time I checked, nobody ever gave birth to themselves, so everyone has at least two people to thank, not to mention the God of the universe who weaved us in the womb to begin with.

To trot around thinking you don’t need anybody and you’ve never needed anyone and that you’ve done it all by your lonesome is simple mind-numbing poppycock.

rbantau_creative 2

We live on a planet full of others. Full of those who were, full of those who are, and full of those yet to come. It’s no accident that Jesus said the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself (including your enemy). We need each other.

So that’s one reason to help someone…because you’ve been helped yourself, somewhere along the way…so you’re simply returning the favor that wasn’t owed to you. You do it out of grace, out of mercy, out of love.

God’s people help other people out of love.

Talk is cheap. Helping someone requires a deliberate intentional action and starts with a basic question.

“How Can I Help You Today?”

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