A Grateful Heart

Too often we get so busy living that we don’t see all we have to be grateful about. That may even be more true in our times as we are overrun with divisive speech, negative attitudes, and an overall underappreciation for the good things composing our lives. Just turn on your TV or ask your neighbor. We hear a lot about what folks are against and what’s wrong. Talk never accomplished much. Never has, never will. Telling someone what you believe isn’t nearly as powerful as showing them. Let your actions preach your faith. Begin with a grateful heart.


You see, when we approach life from a position of gratitude, good things are sure to follow. There’s always plenty to complain about. But there’s even more to be grateful for. The very breath you woke up taking this morning is a gift. It’s not guaranteed you tomorrow. It may rain one day and be a little too hot the next. If you’re reading this, odds are you have a shelter with a good roof over your head and an AC that works. You also have the necessary faculties to read, comprehend, and understand. You have the ability to agree or disagree with what I’m saying. You have the freedom to do all or none of these things.

Recently on the TODAY show, Kathy Lee Gifford spoke about her husband Frank, who just went to be with the Lord on August 9. It struck me how much of a role gratitude played in his life. He was a truly grateful soul who cherished his family, his faith and his good fortune. Out of his gratitude flowed his want to help others. Did you know that he played an instrumental role in launching the Special Olympics? Here he was, a gifted athlete, helping others achieve their dreams and goals, allowing them to realize their potential and recognizing that they too were people of value.

Yes, where there is a grateful heart, good things are sure to follow. Take some time today and reflect on all the people, talents, and treasures you have to be grateful for. It may seem simple to some, but it would surely make a world of difference to others.

May you always be amazed and grateful for the blessings you have.

Keep on living one day at a time.

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