Remembering 9.11.2001

We all know where we were and what we were doing on that morning. Each of us recalls how they first received the news. Some of us heard the first reports on our local radio. Others among us, sat in front of the TV overcome by what our eyes were seeing. It seemed unreal. 

The world stopped. 

In the days that followed, the skies were free of any airplanes. Even the birds seemed to stay in their nests. People were on edge. 

We were shaken and afraid. 

People prayed openly and together in neighborhoods, on sidewalks, and wherever they might find themselves. 

People prayed in unity, together, regardless  of creed, religion, denomination, race, walk of life, male, female, old or young. That Sunday the churches were full. 

When we started moving again–slowly, cautiously, heroically–our lives had forever changed, permanently scarred by the terror of that atrocious day. Yet, out of the ashes, we found hope, as word came down of heroes, like the brave patriots on Flight 93 and the incredible work of the first responders at Ground Zero.

Fifteen years later, the unity forged in the aftermath has faded. But it’s remnants remain.  The pieces are there for us to pick up, if only we are willing.

We press on. We continue forward. We will always remember. 

We will never forget.

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