What Code Do You Live By?

Our life is measured by our alignment with the system we have chosen to follow. What code governs your life? Perhaps, you only strive to do right and avoid doing wrong or harm. You treat people the way you would want someone to treat you. You are kind, polite, truthful.  You look someone in the eye when you shake their hand firmly. Or maybe, you don’t see the world that way at all.

Your code could be different than mine. You always look out for #1. You make sure to get yours before someone else takes what’s coming to you. You recognize that people being people can’t help themselves, so you don’t trust anyone further than you can throw them. You are suspicious of others intentions and question their motives. After all, life ain’t fair, and we can all see that it’s a dog eat dog world. And dogs always act like dogs in the end.

Cowboys had their code— their way of living and doing things— just like we do today and like the members of Starfleet have in the future. We’ve grown up, learning and practicing principles that govern our life. What ethics dictate yours? What source do you draw on to substantiate the guiding principles of your life?

At the end of the day, I think most of us look to do right and try not to do wrong. Now if we can only figure out what right and wrong is, we might get somewhere. Do you have a flawless source that shows you how you should live and that you rely on to make your decisions?

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