How Can I Pray for You?

prayingHow can I pray for you?

This life is not for the timid. In life, there are storms to endure, burdens to bear, and difficult heartaches to overcome. Hurt doesn’t serve us notice before it hits. It comes at us suddenly, kicking us in the gut when we least expect it.

Prayer is a tool that God has given us to help us through the difficulties that this life brings. Scripture makes clear that the cries of a person faithful in prayer are heard and that the words of a steadfast prayer warrior are powerful.

When someone gives us a prayer request for us to pray for, we should try to do it immediately. Don’t hesitate. Pray right then and there. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. We do know that the person who asked us to pray for them, needs prayer.

We should also not wait for someone to tell us what they would like us to pray for. Rather, we should find out by simply asking them “How can I pray for you?” These are powerful words and powerful actions. They will do more to share the Gospel than you know.

So tomorrow, wherever you find yourself, ask someone “How can I pray for you?” and then pray with them. You’ll both be blessed.

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