Chances Are…

The chances are that you are in recovery. It’s really only a question of “from what?” Live long enough and you’re sure to get waylaid or discombobulated one time or another. That’s the way life is, at times. A vast network of valleys lay between mountaintops. Sometimes, you may find yourself too exhausted to climb out of the pit, or you think you’ve hit rock bottom when you feel your feet dangling off the edge, reminding you that there is at least one more big fall to come before your face hits the solid dirt.


People warned you. Loved ones attempted to intervene. You didn’t listen. You knew better. Maybe you tried a number of times to get out of the “in” door you should have never walked through, to begin with. But curiosity got the better of you. Yet, there you are. There you find yourself. What now? You got to decide. Can’t nobody do it for you except you. You got to want it for yourself. It won’t work if you don’t. You can’t free yourself from the chains of addiction unless it’s for your own survival. No matter what you tell yourself, bear in mind that you do have value. You do matter. Your life is important. Fight for it. Fight for you. It works if you work it.



Photos courtesy of Pixabay 

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