Here Comes The Sun

Absent for days, the sun finally came out in full force Thursday afternoon here amid the Piney Woods of East Texas. Marshall is centrally located and accessible through multiple highways, including Interstate 20, U.S. Highways 59 and 80 and Texas State Highway 43. A hubbub of non-stop truck traffic hauls goods all along these East Texas thoroughfares to all points everywhere U.S.A.

El Rancho Bantau_smaller

In the aftermath of Harvey, long lines are stretching into the streets at local gas stations throughout Texas only to find numerous pumps running on empty. News of sky-rocketing prices bolted across the worldwide web from Marshall to El Paso, from Houston to Dallas, and all parts in between. Social media went haywire, pushing everyday folks, who were perfectly content with the amount of petrol in their tanks the day before, out of their front doors to fuel up. With the temporary unavailability of Houston’s refineries, many gas retailers are reportedly hauling in fuel from Oklahoma. Oklahoma!?

This too shall pass…

George Harrison “Here Comes The Sun”

Amid the harrowing scenes of despair and destruction, my heart has been encouraged seeing pictures and hearing stories about people helping their fellow neighbors get through a sea of dire situations. This is the America I know. My guess is that it’s the one you remember too.

Don’t forget in the darkness what God revealed to you in the light!” Mark Walton Jones

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