Faith versus Control

A lack of faith is more about control than it is doubt or unbelief. I think somewhere down deep inside most of us is the nagging feeling that there is something greater in the universe than the god we see in the mirror in the morning. Deep down, we do not doubt there is a God or lack the belief that God exists. The problem is not either of those things. I think the problem lies more in giving our will over to God’s authority in our lives. If we are truthful, we really do not want to do that. Not initially. Not in the beginning. For us, it is really about control.

We might be heard saying “God is my co-pilot” or “I know this is what God wants me to do because it makes me happy.” Recognizing that what makes God happy is more important than what we think makes us happy or realizing that if God is our co-pilot we better switch seats takes time. It does not happen overnight. Sure—there are young kids who quickly recognize God matters. If you are like me, then it took a while.

I used to tell people that God and I spent a lot of time wrestling. Truth is, I was wrestling with God—I was busy wrestling Sin. Sin had a hold on my life and I was most satisfied when I was in sin. At least, so I thought. But losing sight of all boundaries is not what it is cracked up to be. God does not fight with us over sin. He lets us have at it until we are sick and tired and come to realize that living in bondage to sin is no way to live. It is not life at all. It is death. Death to everything you could be, might be, will be. Sin kills your soul. Not overnight. But slowly. Day after day. With me in the pilot’s seat, my life is a hot mess. God needs to fly the plane. He needs to drive the car. And I do not need to give Him directions or tell Him where to go. I simply need to let God be God and trust Him to take me where He leads me.

Handing the keys of life over to God calls for a lot of trust on our end. It means we must be willing to submit to His will, not ours. We must come to the place where we exchange our misguided sense of control and turn to Jesus for wisdom and direction.

Easier said than done, no doubt.


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