Ramble Shamble

Today has been one of those days where my mind can only focus on specific things for brief moments. I am not sure why this happens from time to time, but it does. Brain fatigue?

I have been working on an assignment for my management class most of the week which is burning quite a bit of mental energy. Plus, I’ve been up “late” (which these days is anything past 10:30 pm) the last few nights.

I hadn’t intended on staying up late last night, but I was worried about Mom’s dog. China the Chow had been feeling puny all day. And I haven’t slept well myself, due to a couple of weirdo-bizarro nightmares.

Walking Stick

Somehow, I have been able to complete a few small projects today, like writing a new blurb for our Operation Christmas Child page and critiquing a short work of fiction for a good writer friend of mine.

Mom continues healing. Terri and I are sure grateful for that.

Mom and China

We live in uncertain times, no doubt. The uncertainty weighs on my mind. Does it you? There are days that everything I used to know seems completely upside down. All that is left of the World That I Used To Know appears disheveled and out of sorts. Shambles.

And I admit, I don’t get it.

A wise friend once remarked, “It’s good not to make a practice of saying everything that comes to your mind.” Boy, ain’t that the truth. Another wise friend often says, “Just because you can, don’t mean you should.” These both sound like sage advice during our turbulent times in which there seems to be an over-abundance of vitriolic hate spewing out of every open orifice with a microphone and from every public figure with a platform.

In the meantime, people are dying and going hungry while others are being trafficked as sex slaves and drug mules. But hey, with all the distractions who has time to solve real problems?

I’m glad the Lord blessed me with wise friends.

Press on…


The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26 English Standard Version (ESV)

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  1. Ann Fields says:

    You have wise friends!

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