Turntable Thursdays 11/9/2017

Turntable Thursdays 11/9/2017

 Robert-Plant-Carry-Fire-Cover 2017

Robert Plant, “Carry Fire”

The only thing missing on former Led Zep front man Robert Plant’s latest release “Carry Fire” is the sound of Jimmy Page’s guitar. The album’s opening cut “The May Queen” transports us back in time and is reminiscent of the days of “Physical Graffiti”, “Presence”, and “Houses of the Holy”. Backed by his current band mates, The Sensational Space Shifters (perhaps Plant’s best ensemble since Zeppelin), Plant takes listeners on a global foray melding rock, folk, African rhythms while ruminating on growing older and the sojourner’s experience with heartache and love. Plant’s authentic, distinct voice is instantly recognizable although age has given it a more soulful, smoky resonance.

From “The May Queen”, Plant and his band of musicians drift into the rhythmic, haunting “New World”, followed by “Season’s Song”. If you close your eyes during the first three cuts, you would be whisked back in time and swear you were listening to lost Led Zep cuts. Of course, sans Page.

But not one to rest on past laurels or desiring to become a human jukebox, Plant takes his listeners on a new journey, venturing into new sounds and exposing us to new rhythms. The production quality of Plant’s latest effort shows the mistral at the peak of his talent. Like a time lord, Plant leads listeners through history and shows us a glimpse of the future.

While ruminating on days gone by, Plant leaves us believing the best of this artist’s work is yet to come.

Carry Fire Tracks:
1. The May Queen
2. New World…
3. Season’s Song
4. Dance With You Tonight
5. Carving Up The World Again… a wall and not a fence
6. A Way With Words
7. Carry Fire
8. Bones Of Saints
9. Keep It Hid
10. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
11. Heaven Sent


Matt Maher, “Echos”

Rooted in grief following the death of his father, Matt Maher’s latest project “Echos” shows the love of Jesus while expressing the sadness we experience when we lose those we love.  Maher attempts to answer how believers respond in the wake of tragedy while supplying strong hooks, solid beats, and atmospherics songs, including a remolding of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Maher professes the human need for God as our refuge and strength and our desire for simpler, more innocent times void of the loss that accompanies life on Earth. Overall, Maher’s newest work is a solid effort featuring several songs that are sure to become worship staples.

Echoes Deluxe Tracks:
1. Echoes One
2. Clean Heart
3. What A Friend
4. Holy
5. Your Love Defends Me
6. Just As I Am
7. Awake My Soul (A Thousand Tongues)
8. Faithfulness
9. Echoes Two
10. Picket Sign
11. Wont Let Me Down
12. The Least of These
13. The Cross Forever Speaks
14. Into Your Hands
15. As Good As It Gets
16. Your Love Defends Me (Solo Piano Version)


MercyMe, “Lifer”

With the release of “Lifer”, MercyMe offers up a joyous, uplifting record filled with a number of danceable tracks alongside a couple of deeper, introspective ballads. This record demonstrates the group’s pop-writing skills and continued musical growth along what has been a trying faith journey at times. Perhaps that’s part of their appeal–relating to problems and challenges faced by you and me everyday.  “Lifer” is definitely worth a listen, especially if you need a boost spiritually and emotionally.

Lifer Tracks:

  1. Lifer
  2. You Found Me
  3. Grace Go You
  4. Best News
  5. Even If
  6. Hello Beautiful
  7. We Win
  8. Happy Dance
  9. Heaven’s Here
  10. Ghost


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