3 Fundamentals That Will Transform Your Goals Into Successful Results!

2018 snuck in overnight and now it’s time to follow through on those SMART writing goals you set for the year ahead. Yes, it’s time to pay the piper. Tons of writers set goals. But, in and of themselves, goals aren’t achievements. How do you channel your inner writer to make your 2018 goals a reality? Glad you asked!

Fundamentals are basic keys to achieving great results. Skip the basics and the odds for success decrease substantially. Ask any athlete or performer serious about their sport or craft. They will readily tell you that greatness is rooted in the fundamentals.

Here are 3 Fundamentals That Will Transform Your Goals Into Successful Results!



You’ve set your SMART writing goals. They are doable. But will you follow through? The best hatched ideas and the best laid plans are for naught if you aren’t willing to sit down and write. Those 500 words a day you committed to sit down and pound out on your laptop aren’t going to write themselves. Writing is hard work that takes a ton of discipline. But you got this, right?


Goals are great. But setting them and achieving them are as far removed from one another as your house is from Uranus. You’re busy. I get it. If writing that Great American Novel really matters to you then you’re going to have to make time to do it. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen. Turning that Puffy Baby Man bod into Summer beach shape doesn’t come without sacrifice. Neither does writing those 3,500 words per week. Go ahead. Turn off the Netflix. You can do it.

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The goals you set demand action. Discipline and sacrifice aren’t enough. Setting SMART writing goals isn’t any good if you don’t do this ONE thing: WRITE. Having the discipline to get up in the wee hours of the morning or stay up to all hours of the night without writing words falls short of achieving your SMART writing goals. Sacrificing time with friends, shortchanging your sleep, and a multitude of other potential sacrifices are wasted if you don’t have a chapters to show for it. Transforming your goals into successful results requires action. Do it. I know you can.

Praying the best of success in your 2018 writing endeavors!



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