Using Your Creativity to Advance the Gospel

Jesus loved to tell stories to teach the disciples and even the crowds that gathered in every place that He and the disciples visited. In those days, there weren’t any printed newspapers. The internet didn’t exist. No radio. No TV. Jesus and his troupe generally walked on foot, from town to town. Of course, Scripture notes the occasional boat trip. The stories of their visits traveled around the region, eventually spreading all around the world. Hardly a place exists that hasn’t heard about the story of Jesus and the miracles He performed and the healing that He brought.

We know from the beginning of Scripture that God is creative. He loves to create. He created us, after all. And everything else that IS. As image-bearers of God, we all carry a creative gene in us. Some perhaps more than others. Or maybe, some folks have the opportunity to tap into their creativity more than other people. But many of us yearn to create. I believe the desire to create is part of the God-gene that dwells inside us. Through our creativity, we can pay homage to God, bringing Him glory and praise.

It makes perfect sense, at least to me, that we use our gifts and talents to bring God glory and to tell God stories. God is at work all around us. The world desperately needs to hear, see, read, and experience stories of Jesus transforming lives. The world needs us to share how prayer IS working. We can’t keep these things quiet. We shouldn’t. Rather, we should shout them from every mountaintop.

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Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the darkness and lose sight of the good things happening all around us every single day. A plane making it from point A to point B isn’t deemed newsworthy. We prefer to stop and look at train wrecks over celebrating that millions of people got from one place to another successfully without incident. Good news travels. Bad news travels faster. At least that’s what we’ve come to believe.

But maybe it’s not that good news travels slow or that there is a lack of interest in hearing stories about ordinary people experiencing super exceptional things. Maybe we need to use the tools available to us today to share the work we see God doing and how we see prayer working. How can people know if we don’t tell them? How can they hear if we don’t speak? Ultimately, that’s our job as believers–to share the love of Christ with those we encounter. Through sharing the stories of God at work, we point people in the direction of faith. By sharing our God-stories, we point people to Christ.

How are you using your creative abilities to help advance the Gospel?




  1. bgddyjim says:

    I prefer a more subdued approach than shouting from the rooftops. It is my experience that, if I want to preach to the choir, then I should shout. If I want anyone else to listen, that’s the worst way. That only repels those who we want to draw in. I’ve seen it too often, especially in AA , where the whole program is based on finding a spiritual relationship with God and Jesus.

    We need the preachers, no doubt, but it’s the quiet witness who draws ’em in. It’s about attraction, not promotion.

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  2. I’m thinking more about shouting God’s praises than preaching. I agree, modeling Christ through our daily actions draws people. Oftentimes it seems like stories about God at work in our day and time get drowned out by all the other noise. As believers, we’ve got to make sure to share those stories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bro.


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